Was a free online editable address book for bands, media and music professionals

You could've registered, created an account and started building an address book. Added contacts, shared them or kept them private. Entries could've been edited and updated.

GDPR has made this site redundant
The contacts on this website were collected over several years working in the music industry. They were the owner's personal contacts, gathered through working with many of the people and organisations that were listed. Some of them were collected through research and access to industry websites and directories.

It's now possible to collate massive amounts of data and do your own research on pretty much any legitimate company. Along with the new GDPR regulations, this has made the main purpose of Musikandi redundant.

It's still a well constructed site, which is why it's staying up, albeit with no current functionality.
How did it work?
You could've browsed contacts and taken whatever information you needed, or taken a more active part by registering.

Once you registered you could've created your own address book which you could've either kept private, or shared your contacts with other users.

Currently, the owner is working on a new way of incorporating these address book elements in to a completely new GDPR compliant website.

Suggestions welcome! Contact me here.