A free online editable address book for bands, media and music professionals

Register, create an account and start building an address book. Add contacts, share them or keep them private. Entries can be edited and updated.

How does it work?
You can either browse the contacts and take whatever information you need, or take a more active part by registering.

Once you register you can create your own address book which you can either keep private, or share your contacts with other users.

This site isn't maintained or kept updated by one person. This means that you can play your part by updating contact information, and by adding new contacts.
Musikandi was created by an ex-music industry professional as a place to keep his contacts. Left with a choice of either allowing them to become out of date, or giving them away, he decided to open them up to the public and created this website with all its features that allows editing and privacy. Musikandi is open source. Go to github.com/webkandii/musikandi to suggest and code changes to the site.
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